We train mentors and connect them with diverse young talent

Our mission is to make the creative world of work more inclusive

Creative Mentor Network is a non-profit that works directly with schools across London, to connect talented young people from diverse backgrounds with those working in the creative industries. 

Young people are 5 x more likely to become employed if they make at least 4 professional connections before they leave school.   

Not all young people have access to the networks they need to build those connections. 

Over our 16 week Mentor Development Programme, we train effective and engaging mentors, and inspiring leaders. With our support, companies sponsor their employees to play an active part in diversifying their industry and develop themselves at the same time.

what we DO

Train mentors
We train our mentors in coaching, helping them to build meaningful relationships that have a real impact on the young people they're working with. And they continue to harness their training in the workplace, beyond our programme.
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Identify young talent 
We work closely with schools and colleges to identify talented and driven 16-19 year olds who, crucially, don't have access to the networks, insights and soft skills they need. We match them with a mentor to help them achieve their potential.
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Our model
We charge companies for their employees to take part in our Mentor Development Programme, giving them a pipeline to young, diverse talent. This allows us to keep it accessible for young people and schools alike.
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“My mentor has worked so hard organising meetings with people in different roles in the industry - Account Handlers, Creatives, Strategists. It’s helped me to get better at meeting new people, and to understand what jobs are out there. My mentor understands where I'm coming from.”

Rasheka, 17, Holloway

We're looking for mentors

We work with companies working in the creative industries. Mentors don't need to be in a creative role – their insights and advice will make a difference whatever they do.
Our programmes run for 16 weeks and mentors are likely to meet with students every 1 - 2 weeks. Sign up to get more information about how to get involved.

WHO IS nurturing DIVERSE TALENT with us?